TSX 550 Tweeters are punched in

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have my tweeters punched in and not sure if they are working for my floor standing TSX550ts. Firstly, how can I tell for sure if the tweeters are functional... putting my ear to them is not telling me enough. Secondly, if they are damaged, what's the best way to get them fixed. I love these speakers but lately I feel they are not functioning at their optimal strength. Thanks.


  • You can try a vaccum hose and stick it on the tweeter dome. Should pop it back out. I have tried many many things but the above will be the easiest way with least risk or further issues.
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    turn it on them off very fast DO NOT try to put it on while vacuum is already on and DO NOT try and pull it off while under suction. You may need to turn it on more than once leaving it on a tiny amount more each time until the dome pops back out.

    be very careful.
  • Ok got all your suggestions. Will try it tonight. Thanks!
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    DO NOT DO the vacuum suggestion! Use a hair dryer and heat up the soft dome, and watch it POP back to normal. MAGIC!
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