Fx500i vs Fxi50??

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Hello all!

Just bought a pair of RT800i mains and was slated to purchase a pair of fx500i surrounds today, but saw the fxi50s.
Will these new models mate with the 800s I just bought? I can not find any info on the polk site here telling me one way or another.
And does that front bezel really make any difference? the 500 has it; the 50 does not...

Thanks in advance for a quick reply (i'm dying to make the purchase asap so I can hook it all up and slip into audio ecstasy...)

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  • OrangeToupeeOrangeToupee Posts: 488
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    I believe that the F/X500i's will be a better match; the tweeters are the same ones used in your RT800i's. It isn't life and death, but if you can find a pair of F/X500i's .... get them. I think there's a pair being sold on the Flea Market page. Otherwise, ebay usually has them, some used and some new.
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    i agree with orange, the fx500i's would be the ideal speaker to mate with your 800s, however the differences between the old rt line and the new are minimal, and from front to rear soundstage, i don't think you will notice a distracting difference, or maybe no audible difference at all. i would try to get the 500's, but if you can't find them anywhere, i don't think you are going to be dissapointed with the 50's.
    ...the fOrce is strong with this one.
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