Where to buy AC to DC power converters?

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Just wondering if anyone here knows where to purchase a 110VAC to 12VDC that has a amperage rating high enough for a car amplifier (25A and up). I have decided to use some car audio subs and an amp that I already have in my house. I was hoping to find a converter that was cheaper than a plate amp at parts exp. Any suggestions?
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    Thanks, I have been reading posts on this forum for a little while now, but this was my first post (as you can see). I didn't realize parts exp. sold power supplies, but they are a little pricey. $99.90 for a 22A converter. I would at least need that much or more amperage. Maybe the plate amp would be a better deal. Thanks again.
  • A good power supply should be well regulated. Id get an Astron. I have one thats 25 years old and stays on constantly.
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    Way to drag up a 15 year old thread @summitradio
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    And the winner is @summitradio. Congratulations you can pick up your prize after 9 o'clock tomorrow morning.
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    Way to drag up a 15 year old thread @summitradio
    This is a form of spam. Nobody joins this forum to make a first post like that. There's been a lot of these lately, keeping the highly paid mod[s?] busy.
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