PSW125 Recurrent problem

PolkEdgarPCPolkEdgarPC Posts: 1
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Hi, I have a recurrent problem with my PSW125 unit, two years ago I noticed a hearthbeat noise on my sub, contacted Polk service and they had to change the amplifier. The problem is back and it is really disappointing and It seems to be that I received a defective unit. I noticed that this is a common problem for PSW125, how Polk is dealing with this issue and who should I contact here in Montreal Quebec? I lost all the contact details of the place where they changed the amp the first time. What it is the procedure? should I ask for a new item? I do not see the point in changing again the amp, it is clear that there is something wrong with this unit, I barely use my audio system so I really do not understand what it is going on.




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