Blown channel? Or something else

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Well, we have an adolescent puppy that decided to start chewing on things now that he's 7 months old. I think one of his toys got stuck in my rats nest of speaker wire for my left rear channel (just moved, so I have not run the wires - just ran them on the floor and bunched up the extra at the base of the speaker). Long story short, the dog chewed through my speaker wires (looks like he chewed off about 2 feet of wire, in multiple sections). Wife saw this, but didn't know enough about electronics and didn't think much about turning everything on and watching TV until I got home.

I've noticed a few times now that all I seem to get are crackly noises from the rear speakers (both channels). I was worried, but then a commercial came on and it sounded just fine from the rears. Example - watching the Vikes preseason game now. Since its preseason, is it not fully dubbed for surround, and I'm just getting some feedback from the receiver trying to compensate and make it SS? Or is there some longshot chance that I burned out a specific format (doesn't sound logical, but I'm no expert).

I don't watch enough TV to really pinpoint when this works and when it doesn't - but I know for sure I normally don't hear crackling. I mean its loud enough to hear - sounds like a blown speaker or voice coil, but it goes away sometimes (commercials usually - i.e. other audio format I assume)

Please tell me I haven't relegated my SC-37 to a garage receiver and need to buy something 4K? My puppy is too darn cute to kill yet.
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    What does music sound like? Switch the front and rear wires. How does that sound?
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    Yep... sounds like a new receiver if you ask me. (Just go with it as it makes upgrades easier to get past the wife)
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    Does your receiver have a tone generator for setting up the speakers? Try it first and see if the tone on the rear speakers is clear.

    If it is try listening to a DVD that is known to have good 3D surround sound. Something like Finding Nemo or Star wars.

    If it sounds good with a DVD you have a TV broadcast / cable problem. You don't know what you are getting watching cable TV channels sound wise. And it can change by show or commercial. It can be everything from mono to stereo to surround. But don't be surprised if they screw up the surround.
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    What you didn't say is, unless I missed it, is did you replace the chewed up speaker wire ?
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  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 17,978
    tonyb wrote: »
    What you didn't say is, unless I missed it, is did you replace the chewed up speaker wire ?

  • GlowrdrGlowrdr Posts: 1,104
    Good questions -but I did replace the wire. Lame excuse, but I don’t have an antenna on this receiver, so radio is fuzzy. Also no music channels. I think you guys were right about the flaky broadcast. Haven’t heard it at all today. Although, an upgrade sounds good too. Lol. This is the receiver that l lost the remote for during the move. Still wish I knew where they all went. Have to be around here somewhere (I lost every remote I have)
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  • Tony MTony M Posts: 9,652
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    I don't know about the crackly noises without being able to be there.

    But I have an idea about your missing remote controls;
    Most people just listen to music and watch movies. I EXPERIENCE them.
  • mlistens03mlistens03 Posts: 2,759
    This. Our old dog ate about 10 remotes, not all of them ours. He’d eat them while we were at friends houses and stuff.
  • mlistens03mlistens03 Posts: 2,759
    Also, too lat to edit my comment, but that dog looks genuinely ENRAGED about having his chew toy taken away. Also looks a bit like his face was flattened slightly. :lol:
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