Auditory gems from the 90’s and 2k’s

Since I am in my 40’s and grew up leaving the eighties behind for grunge and Alternative, I have a sweet spot for the music produced during my early adult years and into my late 20’s. During that period I listened to everything, old and new, but some albums really stuck out to me and have stayed with me that whole time. They remain some of my fav’s today. In no chronological order:
Faith no more -Angel Dust
Depeche Mode -Violator
NIN -Pretty Hate Machine
Foo Fighters -In your Honor (disc 2)
Pink Floyd -The Division Bell

Any of you have fav’s off the beaten path ( of typical Audiophile roads) from this era?
Auralic Vega G1/Rega TT/Denon SACD - Parasound P6 - PS Audio M700x2 - Elac Adante AS-61 - AQ Niagara 5000 - SVS SB16u


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