WTB: Nintendo switch

I realize this is a long shot. Kids are looking to get a Nintendo switch. Seems like there are very few used ones around. Looking to save a few bucks off of retail and figured I would check here. If anyone is on the fence about getting rid of theirs, please PM me and let me know how much you are looking to get for it.

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    I understand the need to save money but consider a few things. 1)You wouldn't save but maybe $50-75? 2) It's a portable device, the likelihood of it being dropped goes up. If there aren't marks on it the seller probably wouldn't tell you. The Joycon analog sticks can start to drift. If subjected to misuse 2) The battery isn't user replaceable and could be a year and a half old 3) The screen is made of plastic so it won't crack but it scratches easy if it doesn't have a tempered glass protector 4) People use portable devices on the toilet. :p

    Really scrutinize a used one if you go that route. Good luck, the Switch is awesome.
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    Hey Shawn,

    I saw this on our local CL (no affiliation). I have NO idea if the price is good, average, or high...

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