Kegerator Tap Handles

This is probably a very long shot, but here we go. I have these 7 tap handles that are currently collecting dust and did not make the cut to be boxed up for our future move.
I used the Same Adams and Harpoon handles when I would get their kegs. These handles have labels that can be slid in and out of the holders or I sometimes made my own.

The other 5 were strictly for decoration. They typically sell for $15-20 used on epray and CL.
Smithwicks, Sea Dog - Blueberry Ale, Red Hook - Late Harvest, Leinenkugel - Bock, Shipyard - Pumpkin head Ale

Looking too see if there is any interest here for $70+shipping, Conus for all.

“If your eyes didn’t water, it means I didn’t go deep enough” says the nurse administering my COVID19 test. She was sweet...


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