Pioneer SC-05 has gone kaput, now what?

obieoneobieone Posts: 5,095
Need something with enough internal power to drive my Mythos STS's, Don't really need all the bells and whistles associated with video up-scaling etc. just some decent audio.
Doesn't even have to be surround capable(since H-wood stopped producing movies I like)
Any feedback is greatly appreciated. :)
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  • DSkipDSkip Posts: 15,465
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    No surround? What exactly do you need? Digital conversion and integrated function? What's the budget?
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  • rpf65rpf65 Posts: 1,973
    Might be a good time to consider seperates, or really good excuse to buy a power amp and an older 7-channel AVR.
  • halenhalen Posts: 370
    If you are looking to stay simple like the 05. Get the SC-99. I just happen to have one that I have never hooked up. Somehow I don’t have the box either. Go figure. But let me know if interested. It’s kind of a name your price thing.

  • mantismantis Posts: 15,232
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    Shame it didn't die sooner, I just sold my SC-99 about a month ago.
    But is sadden's me to hear it died. The SC-05 was a very special receiver. I loved the whole SC line over the years. The SC-99 was the last of the greats and the last to sport the USB DAC which I dearly miss now.
    If you can find a SC-99, I'm saying look for one. It's the very best SC Model since the mighty SC-09THX unless you could care less about more up to date formats which he SC-99 can do 4k and HDR just not Dolby Vision, then maybe it's time to own the baddest of the bad and search for a SC-09THX. It's a monster.
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  • doggie750doggie750 Posts: 1,151
    I am happy with my SC07

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