Keep the 10A’s or get SDA 2A

So I have some monitor 10a’s but there are some sda 2a near me for 300. Should I keep the 10s or sell and get the sda.


  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 2,966
    Get the SDA and keep both!
  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 11,448
    300.00 might be a little high.. IMO
  • ThataxeguyThataxeguy Posts: 14
    the person selling them said they would go down to 225. I have a guy interested in my m10 for 250 wich would be a 180 profit

  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 11,448
    225.00 is about right. I'd still keep the 10's
  • teekay0007teekay0007 Posts: 2,068
    Get the SDAs and compare. Take your time. Then, you can sell the ones less favored. You may not like how the SDAs perform, they aren't universally favored. Also, SDAs don't work well in all rooms. Are you (pretty) sure they will fit well in your listening area?

    Other considerations: SDAs and vintage Monitor series Polks sound their best after they've been updated/modded. Monitor 10As and SDA-2As are both over 30 years old and would benefit greatly with a refresh. Are you planning on doing this to whichever speakers you keep? Some models - usually depending on what crossover components they have - are much more expensive to complete than others are. Do you have a clean and powerful common ground amp? This is a must for SDAs to sound their best.

    Then, if you're like most around this place, you'll find some lame excuse for keeping both pairs and will start your descent down the ol' rabbit hole. Take it from me, I have SDA-1Cs, Monitor 7s, Monitor 10Bs, Monitor 5Jr+s, etc., etc. around this joint and I enjoy them all! Aaaahhhhh hahaha....So Back Off!!!
  • verbverb Posts: 3,982
    Go get em and get some more! Lots of hoarders, ahem collectors here on CP. Besides it’s loads of fun swapping pieces out and comparing. :smiley:
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  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 11,448
    Take it from me. SDA 2a is one of those that are very pricey to rebuild the crossover. They're are some large value caps in there. Even in the cheap cap camp they're pricey. They are two board SDA's and you must get creative to fit it. They certainly shine after though.
  • You could also search around a bit for a pair of SDA 2Bs. You might pay a little more up front, but you will save on the crossover mods. Plus they are a little more amp friendly good luck and enjoy the ride.
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  • NhpennNhpenn Posts: 45
    Sell the monitor 10s, buy the SDAs, if you don't like the SDAs sell them, buy new monitor 10s
  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 11,448
    Nhpenn wrote: »
    Sell the monitor 10s, buy the SDAs, if you don't like the SDAs sell them, buy new monitor 10s

    That's just silly talk....
  • helipilotdoughelipilotdoug Posts: 1,182
    I have both 10As and 2As. Because they are SDAs, the 2As have a much wider soundstage, and sound pretty good, but with the stock tweeters can give you listener fatigue. Upgrading the OEM SL2000 tweeters to the newer RDO194 helps with this. As posted above, the crossover rebuild can get expensive. The 10A's have the old Peerless tweeters, and I play mine all day long in the shop with no fatigue at all. Much better high frequency sound than the 2As. Both have good mid and bass, but when it comes to choosing between the two, I'd opt for the 10As. Just my 2 pennies worth....
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  • Msabot1Msabot1 Posts: 2,114
    Keep those 10's...ones in good enough shape to rehab are getting scarce...
  • MER71MER71 Posts: 5
    I think I would keep them both. Unless money is tight. I have my SDA 1A in my main, 10a in my daughter's room and 10b just sitting here.
  • boston1450boston1450 Posts: 5,939
    Ahh just let yer earzzz decide :)
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  • rooftop59rooftop59 Posts: 4,740
    So @Thataxeguy what did you decide?
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  • ThomasDThomasD Posts: 157
    rooftop59 wrote: »
    So @Thataxeguy what did you decide?

    I was following this thread and wondering the same. Really like my original 2a's (listening to Robert Cray on them as I type) and surprisingly haven't noticed the 'harsh tweeter' or listening fatigue that I noticed right away with my original M7c's. Only powering the 2a's with a Rega Brio at the moment. Waiting for my Carver M200t, C2 & TX2 to get back from the Carver Salon. But the little Brio powers the 2a's surprisingly well @ only 50wpc, though the volume knob is usually at 10 or 11 where the M200t hardly ever goes beyond the 8 position. The M7's X/O's are with @westmassguy getting the TL treatment right now. Will be sending the 2a X/O's (all 4 of them) in for a similar TL treatment when the 7's get back. And I'm looking at getting a pair of 10b's so was very interested on @Thataxeguy take on the two choices. I find the SDA's very position sensitive, with a small, finite sweet spot. Where my 7's are much more room position friendly which is what I would think the 10's would be.
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  • ThataxeguyThataxeguy Posts: 14
    Well I decided the 10A’s aren’t going anywhere but the 2A’s are still for sale, I just don’t have the money to buy them if they were less I would. I think @Nhpenn should buy them to go with his rta’s
  • NhpennNhpenn Posts: 45
    edited July 1
    Not with, replace
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  • ThataxeguyThataxeguy Posts: 14
    I think those (your) RTA’s have been ran through there paces and need some work

  • boston1450boston1450 Posts: 5,939
    So all this & you didnt buy them. Shame on U :) kickn ur own bu tt later
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