Bottlehead Crack on Speed with extra's going on sale - any interest?

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If there is interest I'll take some pics and post of the for sale page my Bottlehead Crack. This thing is maxed out.

Will be $500 without shipping included. Buyer responsible for shipping. I'll pitch in about 4 tubes, a 6SN7 adapter and at least one 6SN7 tube. Normally $414 in kit form without the A2 mods.

Bottlehead Crackatwoa could also go if there is interest. Also maxed out. $800 without shipping included. I'll see what tubes I can part with. Normally $700 in kit form without the A2 mods.

High impedance cans required for these - I'd guess 300 ohm or above. Below 100 ohm please don't - they will sound like crap.

If anyone is interested I'll take pic's and post. I just don't want to go through the hassle if no one is interested.

I just have too many headphones amps sitting around doing nuttin'...
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    A. You’re in the wrong section.
    B. What other tubes do you have lying around so i can try swapping? Which one is the most important? Wine on a beer budget type stuff...
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    I figured the headphone section would be a good place to drum up interest in a headphone amp... :*

    Since there are only two tubes they both play into this equation and fairly equally. The big one is the final "amp", the little one is the pre. I've noted differences in bouncing both around. I really like the heavy graphite 6080 tubes - Bendix 6080 Wb's I think they are. Not cheap though. Otherwise I really don't have a preference

    In the 12AU7 slot - whatever 12AU7 floats your boat and any of the 12AU7 derivatives as well. What I found was that I really like the sound of the 6SN7 tube - you can get adapters for those on the bay that fit into the 12AU7 socket. So once you've got through the 10,000 flavors of 12AU7's you can visit the 1000 flavors of the 6SN7.
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    Yeah I’d post this over in the For sale section, read the rules and post the ad over there and should be good
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