Polk 1.2tl-Mcintosh amp hook up question

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I have a pair of 1.2tl's with the dreadaught and I drive them with a pair of Mcintosh mc1201's monoblocks. I use a pair MIT shotgun bi-wires and I'm super happy with the sound. Problem is I've recently read that I'm able to get 3 db more bass output by using the 8 ohm tap for the lows and 4 ohm tap for the tweets. I decided today would be the day I'd give this a shot. I'm presently using the 4ohm tap fullrange. I checked the 1.2's inputs with a meter and I get 3.9 ohms with the interconnect cable disconnected for the woofers and neither side registers anything on the meter with the tweeters which are rdo1098's. My questions before I go any further will I ruin anything by doing this form of bi-wiring and will I gain that 3db if it's safe to wire the 1.2s like that?
edit; Also is that normal for the 1098's to read zero resistance?

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  • motorstereomotorstereo Posts: 925
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    tratliff wrote: »
    @motorstereo why not give it a try? You won’t know how it performs until you try.

    I have read and responded to the thread on the other sight. I could positively tell a difference. At this point I cannot tell if it is for the best but for sure gives options.
    That's great that you were able to hear a difference. I'm probably going to give it shot on my khorns first where an additional 3db of bass output would be worthwhile. As was mentioned and I agree there's not a need for an additional 3db of bass on the polks but who knows maybe just maybe this method just might sound better. The tweeter circuit not showing anything on the ohm meter had me concerned and I don't want to wreck something for an experiment so I thought I'd ask here first.


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    Not to mention, 3db is *barely* audible to the human ear.
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  • motorstereomotorstereo Posts: 925
    You don't need 3db more from the from the Polks when paired to the big Mac's...

    No I do not "need" it but if it's there I don't want to overlook it.
    ZLTFUL wrote: »
    Not to mention, 3db is *barely* audible to the human ear.

    My pre's volume control (Mcintosh c100) has the volume stepped in 1/2 decibel increments. 1/2 decibel is barely audible; 3db is quite audible to me.

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