Leon Russell's estate sale -- I had to smile


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    Neat :)

    Speaking of SPL meters...
    I've been meaning to get one of these things since before RS "closed". I feel guilty because my purchase could probably have floated them another year. Is this still the one to get, or are other "cheap inaccurate" models worthwhile as well?
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    Dibs on the skunk pelt :p
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    F1nut wrote: »
    Wow, he had really, really bad tastes in furniture.

    Probably the booze and drugs; I like to think positively about the guy.
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    This is his "**** that I haven't used in years" barn sale. There isn't anything in there that looks like it might have been part of his later life.
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    The pro gear, bottom of the line Yamaha club speakers.. I am surprised at that. Even the board is a 12 channel yammy that I use for my DJ work.
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    wow,I did not know he passed.I remember seeing him at Buddy Guys Legends club here in Chicago in early 2016 I believe. He came often..I did not know how great of a pianist he was until I saw him live in person. Room full of maybe 60-70 people or so.Too small for a legend in my opinion. Many times he would stop in between songs and tell a story about either the song he played or was going to play. He stayed and signed autographs and I was lucky to shake his hand. Still had the big bushy white beard and hair under his cowboy hat which he said he got from Stevie Ray . He had a big following among fellow artists. Many of who played on his early albums. Rock and Roll hall of famer..He will be missed.Great memories!
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    I also have a bit of a story to say about Leon Russell. He was the very 1st performer I had seen multi tasking . This was the famous spring weekend at S.U.N.Y. New Paltz where the Sunday line-up was the Jefferson Airplane and then the entire Joe Cocker and Mad Dogs and Englishmen tour. There had to be close to 25/30 people on stage w/ multiple horn players, back up singers guitarists. Now Leon was 1st, the band leader, then played his baby grand then to my surprise straps on an older Gibson Black Beauty standard and just wailed away. They were having such a good time they even called up their tour bus driver who played a great harp . What a weekend. Now multitasking is common as just look towards Larry Campbell and many others.
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    For your information F1nut all the furniture is antique and he actually had great taste in furniture. This wasn’t the every day stuff this was the I am going to make sure my family is provided for after I am gone. Also Mhardy6477 it wasn’t the drugs, he had a great eye and a lot of this stuff has great value not only because it reminds me of my childhood but also because they are pretty unique antiques. Dennis Gardener, this is not his **** sale of stuff that was never used. My name is Honey Bridges, I am one of his daughters-look me up on Facebook if you don’t believe me-all of this stuff was in the house he last lived in. Having lived with my parents I can assure you this stuff was present pretty much my whole life. One final note here for you guys who think it’s oksy to make assumptions about someone you don’t know, just because it’s the internet doesn’t mean you should be tactless. He was my dad and he was a great person so how about you show some kind of respect.
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    Point taken.

    My response to F1nut's observation was meant in jest, but probably seems much more mean spirited than humourous. My apologies.

    ... and seeing the Radio Shack SPL meter (a common artifact for many of us) really did make me smile.

    I think it is safe to say that many of us admired and enjoyed Leon Russell's music and songwriting. I certainly did.
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    Gee Hardy, you were hunted down and smacked down......Ouch.
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    She is still grieving the loss of her father, just as I still am with the loss of my mom... Nobody here has said a bad thing about Leon Russell, or his legacy of song. Some simply questioned his taste in furniture.

    She has every right to defend her father, but doing so over something that is open to personal taste is a bit of a reach.

    Personally, I hope she hangs out here for a while. We can help her put together a fantastic system for preserving and playing her father’s music, and perhaps we can learn more about him and gain some insight into his genius. I would love to know more about Bangladesh and his work with Elton John.
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    I also hope Honey sticks around. I was first turned on to Leon's music in early High School. His music has a lot of memories for me and knowing more about him from a first hand source would be priceless.
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  • Some of the comments were...not cool..to say the least...and she's right...Some people tend to put the brakes on their fingers on the net..and say stuff they wouldn't in person..I hope..Leon has,a legion of fans who are dry protective of him and his family...they are called lifers
  • Muncybob...we have 3 pages/groups on fb
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    I visited the Russell estate sale and had to go back twice. The furniture was quality and beautiful, and reflected the tastes of someone who had traveled the world over.

    I am a huge LR fan and see him as someone whose talent came before his time. Today we admire artists of Leon’s talent and originality and appreciate those who crossover between genres.

    RIP Leon and God Bless Elton for reminding us we had a living legend in our midst before he went to the spirit world.
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    Ms. Bridges, my condolences on the loss of your father.
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