Signature Series setup/crossover frequencies

I have a 5.1 setup that consists of the two S60's and an S35 for the front soundstage, and S10's for the rear, and a HTS-12 subwoofer. When I set this up in my receiver, should I have the S60's set for large or small? I've read that they do a great job with the lower frequencies and that you may not even need the sub... is that true, or will it still be better with the sub?

Also, if I set the S60's to large, do I need to define a crossover frequency? There is a place to put one in, but I didn't think it made sense on large. If I set them to small, what crossover frequency should I set for them? What about the S35 and S10s? Obviously they would have a higher cross over frequency, right?

Thanks for your help. I'm very new at this, so I don't know much about it what these different settings mean.


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    What receiver are you using? How its menu reacts to you setting them to large will define how you must proceed. Can you set center and rears to small with a separate cut off point for them? If so try large in front and LFE to sub or both sub and fronts. If you set the fronts to say 60hz and cannot set the rears lower that would be no good.
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    I have a Denon x3400h. I'm not home right now, so I can't check for sure, but I think I can set separate cutoff points for the center and rears. What does LFE to sub mean?
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    Small on everything. Crossover at 80hz.
    Nice speakers.

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    dolbyd wrote: »
    Small on everything. Crossover at 80hz.
    Nice speakers.

    yes for that model I agree with this ^^^^^
  • mlurie31mlurie31 Posts: 8
    Okay, I'll try it out. Is there a reason why it should be that?
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    mlurie31 wrote: »
    Okay, I'll try it out. Is there a reason why it should be that?

    Makes the sub do the heavy work. Allows the receiver to not work as hard to reproduce those frequencies. there is smoother integration across all speakers.
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    I agree with the others. I have the S60s and a sub is needed. While the 60s can go low, they will struggle to play the really low notes thereby muddying the mid range as well.

    Having a sub will let the 60s shine with the midbass they are designed to handle, making everything clearer.
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