Will a Sony str 1060 have enough power

I have 4 Polk ati a7 and 2polk ati a9s and a center center speaker will it have enough power to perform well

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  • But being new it this it I now have another can I piggy back an amp of some sort ?
    And do you have any recommendations
  • tonyb
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    Short answer is no.

    Your receiver doesn't have preouts to add an amplifier, which the A9's would need. So now your talking a new receiver + the cost of an additional amplifier.

    If you dropped down to the A7's in all 4 speakers, your still taxing that receiver. Keep the A7's up front and maybe grab some A3's for surround duty. Least until the wallet dictates a bigger jump.
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  • rooftop59
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    If you want to keep the speakers you have three choices:

    1. Upgrade to a strong receiver with pre-outs and get a 2 channel amp with 200 wpc minimum (5 channel amp would be better). With enough power you could run everything full range and get away without a sub...
    2. Use what you have but get a sub and cross everything over at 80 hz (this is a waste of your speakers but will prevent damage)
    3. Use what you have full range and keep the volume really moderate. This will sound pretty anemic, but if you crank up the volume you will fry tweeters or the receiver.

    Good luck!
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  • I totally for got to mention AI have Polk sub psw108
    I know this may sound silly but my plan was to use this as a surround sound as well as for rocking the house are there any 7.1 units that will meet these speakers requirements
    I haven’t found any but I’m not sure what I’m looking for at this point
    Or do I need to drop a pair of a7 s out and go 5.1
  • Ok I’ll buy a big bag amp
  • I’d like to stay around 2,000 but if I need to go higher I will
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