Just scored some srs 3.1TL’s

Hello folks, I’m new here and tonight I scored some 3.1TL’s for 150 bucks! The list is long for what I need on restoration. I’ll need 2 6511 drivers and 2 tweeters and possibly 2 of the other mids and also the interconnect cord. Any leads on these items would be appreciated and possible prices would be awesome. Are these going to be worth the expense and effort to restore? Thank you in advance.


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    I see RDOs in your future. And you're going to get Neutrik as a suggestion for an upgraded IC cable. I'm very jelous as those are on my wish list, and to get them for $150, that's a steal and a half!

    BTW, if you order any new drivers, go through Polk directly and be sure to mention that you are a Club Polk member for a discount.
  • Thanks man! I will.
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    Congrats and welcome, also one of the Polks high on my list to try, great price!
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  • Is it hard to build an interconnect cable? And also what are some popular common ground amplifiers?
  • RobbyKYRobbyKY Posts: 107
    >>Is it hard to build an interconnect cable?

    No. Just go to Parts Express and order a set of Neutrik Speakon connectors.

    Use the NL4MP (092-052) ($2.25) cabinet-mount AIRTIGHT versions for the cabinets x2 of course and the NL4FX (092-190) ($4.19) for the cable terminals again x2 for each end of the cable. For cable, sky's the limit but at a minimum consider Belden 5100UP 10awg.

    Key points, cables matter, better the cable, happier you'll be. The Speakon's come in a 2 terminal version (NL2MP & mating NL2FX) but I think many feel the 4 connector is more robust (I do) and allow you to use larger four-conductor cable to increase the effective awg if desired.

    You'll need some screws, nuts and washers to mount the cabinet connectors and blade terminals for the inner terminals unless you like to solder (I do). Neutrik SCDP0 gaskets finish the exterior look of the ML4MP's. Finish up with some hot glue on the inside of the terminal cups to make sure you get a nice air-tight seal on your work. At work but can post pics latter or spend some time searching the forum, I learned everything from here!

    >>Common ground amps?

    Consider Parasound (Halo A-21), Adcom (GFA-555), Carver (M4.0T or TFM-55) I've had all of these on the 3.1's at one time or another, all sounded fantastic, some better than other but only your ear can make a decision.

    I have two sets of 3.1's. Rebuilt both. Cabinets sealed, new crossovers, RDO-198 replacement tweeters, Blackhole 5, Larry's Rings, Dynamat Extreme on the drivers and passive radiator, Cardas binding post and of course the Speakon IC setup. One set is in my card room so not so much of the SDA experience but the set in my son's Xbox/game room (he's 13) makes all his little friends think something magic's going on even if I don't approve of his musical taste................

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  • Thanks Robby! I just want to learn as much as I can about these beauties before I get down to the refurb. Get paid in a few days and I’ll have my drivers on the way, I take it the RDO tweeters are the way to go?
  • RobbyKYRobbyKY Posts: 107
    I think so.

    For the ~$100 investment I made in new RDO-198 tweeters when I first rebuilt my 2B's into 2BTL's, the difference slapped me in the face. Of course that was a major change over the original SL2000 tweeters moving to a "TL" circuit and came along with a total crossover rebuild so they were only a small contributing factor. I had been listening to those since purchased new in 1987 as a graduation present to myself and was just amazed at how much better they sounded.

    When I started rebuilding my first 3.1set, I swapped out only the SL3000 tweeters first for the new RDO-198's and was impressed with myself that I actually COULD tell the difference being my birthday odometer had rotated past 50 at the time. Another $100 very well spent! Over the past few years, I've now changed out all my original tweeters for the new RDO-198 versions, 22 of them in total.

    If you decide to do a crossover refresh in your 3.1, and believe me, that's another must do upgrade, be careful as 3.1's actually had two different versions based on which SDA inductor was used. Post your progress and I'm sure we can keep you on the right path.

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  • Ok, I have an opportunity to pick up a clean carver integrated amp CM-1090 for cheap, is this amp compatible with the 3.1’s? Still waiting for payday to make the call to Polk for some drivers.
  • verbverb Posts: 8,280
    Ok, I have an opportunity to pick up a clean carver integrated amp CM-1090 for cheap, is this amp compatible with the 3.1’s? Still waiting for payday to make the call to Polk for some drivers.

    I ran Carver M1.0t's and TFM35x's on my 2B's for some time, and eventually on my 1C's. They're pretty good, some folks love em, some not. When I upgraded to the CJ MF2300A, my speakers really came alive! Lot's of power, and current when you feel like crankin em.

    But that's what this hobby is all about, upgrades! If the price is that good, snag it, but don't rest there. Plenty of better amps out there! Lot's of good recommendations from very experienced and knowledgeable Polkies here!
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