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    Stevemac wrote: »
    Very informative info on this site from last year!
    Any current simple solutions(deals) for a 7.1 AVR with pre amp feature, and a proper power amp to feed my very new RtiA9 towers??

    All AVR's have a pre-amp section. Ideally you want an AVR with preouts that allows you to add an amplifier. Most here use Yamaha, Pioneer, Marantz receivers.

    AMPS- You want one a bit warmer sounding to offset the brightness of the A9's. Parasound amps work well, B&k, McCormack, Belles, just to name a few. Buy used, save some coin.

    Use good quality cables too.
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    Don't go with a pro amp. Seriously, DONT. I did, and now I’m stuck with it.
    If you're reading this, I've put up devices for a week; maybe more. I'll talk you guys later!
    I've always thought the goal of high-end audio was not to have your neighbors bang on the wall and say, 'Turn that darn music down' but to have your neighbors bang on the wall and say, 'Tell your friends to go home and you can practice later this week'.
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    I've been watching this tread for a while because I'm in the same boat - new A9s and feel they could use a bit more power.

    A bit of background - this is my home theater system which is 7.1 using a Denon 3313ci AVR and in wall/ceiling RT line speakers. The fronts were my old Monitor 10s from the late 80s. I replaced the 10s with RTI A9s and while movies sounded great, 2 channel stereo seems a bit thin.

    So to solve this I've ordered a Parasound A21. It arrives this week. I'll report back what my impressions are going from a 130 watts (stereo mode) AVR vs 250 watts power amp.
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    Hi all new to this forum and a old audio nut from the early 80’s getting back into the game. I to recently got the RTi-A9 and need a new amp as well. Any recommendations to make these beasts sing to full potential without breaking the bank? I just want to run two sets of speakers for the sole purpose of music so a two channel is all I’m looking. My home theatre set up is a separate entity and sufficient as is. I currently run a Sony GX50ES receiver with a pair of PSB Avante speakers and then a 2nd pair of home builts from radio shack parts (yes I thought I was an audiophile in the day) but really just a handy experimental woodworker. They do sound not bad but now want to replace with the 9’s now help any advice! I live in Canada and don’t really want to spend more than 1500 if I can help it and willing to hike across the border for a parasound if you say so! Somewhere to Washington state if I have to lol
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