Polk Magnifi Mini Bluetooth Playback Issues - Degraded Sound

Hey all,

Just bought a Magnifi Mini last week and so far its a solid buy for our small living room. That being said, the bluetooth playback is awful. It cracks, pauses, and generally plays pretty terrible for bluetooth connection.
I've synced the speaker to wifi and its running firmware v20, so should be up-to-date.

Anyone have these issues and rectify them? I'm planning calling Polk tomorrow to see what they recommend, but if it keeps happening, it's getting returned.



  • aspasp Posts: 4
    edited February 2018
    I don't really have a great solution for you, but I did notice that I only get Bluetooth issues if my hand or some other object is between my phone and the soundbar. Otherwise, the connection is fine and never pauses or cracks.

    Not ideal, but try to keep a direct line of sight between the soundbar and your phone.
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