Omni App - Apple Music

Is there any plans to update and improve the Omni app for the iPhone?

Add Apple Music as a source?


  • So when posting in the customer service forum I should not expect a response?
  • Omni is reliant on DTS as Play Fi is their tech. I'm sure DTS is working on it as Apple Music is too big to ignore. My opinion is its just a matter of time.

    (By the way have you tried using the DTS Play Fi app instead of the Omni app? I find its updated quicker and all Play Fi apps work with all Play Fi speakers (like the Omni) so works great with the Polk Omni range)
  • KennethSwaugerKennethSwauger Moderator Posts: 6,765
    Send an email to [email protected], he's well versed on the Omni series.
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  • Topper - you are dead on that the PlayFi apps are better than the Polk ones. Unfortunately, you're incorrect that DTS plans to work on Apple Music. Too big too ignore is our opinion but not shared by them.

    I wish I did not have so much $ in these speakers (7 of them) as it appears that Sonos is a better answer.

    Thank you also Ken(s) for referring me to the Kennon, who answered my question, although not how I wanted them to answer.

    Good luck.
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