Kim Jasper your Customer Service dept is a disaster



  • EWFEWF Posts: 5
    Same kind of non-response experienced as well from both email and 1-800# inquiries. If anyone can help Ref# is 180116-000994 for sub woofer gone bad while still under warranty.
  • agfrostagfrost Posts: 2,189
    The phone number definitely brings about better action, but obviously you're having no luck there so far--they do keep business hours, so perhaps try at a different time.

    I'm sure @KennethSwauger will be along to help expedite the process for you. Once you get hold of a human being, you'll see that Polk does right by its customers...
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  • EWFEWF Posts: 5
    Just finished call with CS - have to remove insides and ship to CA for repair of amplifier. No further action required on this posting. Many thanks to all for the responses.
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