Programming Comcast remote for Signa S1

I purchased the Signa S1 for my father and need to program his Comcast remote (gray with red OK/Select button) to control it. I’ve tried the code “30189” with no results. Previous advice on this board recommends putting the sound bar into “Standby” mode the pressing the “Learn” button. However, I don’t believe I can do this with the Signa S1. HELP!!! My 84 year-old father can really only manage one remote!

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  • Drat! Well, I guess I’ll be going to Best Buy first thing tomorrow morning.
    Thanks for the quick answer.
  • LeeSoFLLeeSoFL Posts: 94
    The Comcast remote I have (XR11 voice) uses either 32270 or 33429 for the AMP or Receiver setting. Does your remote ask you to enter the number for a TV, then ask if you want to program an AMP? If so, that option uses the numbers I posted above. For some reason, the POWER on the Polk does not turn off from the Comcast remote. However, the soundbar does turn off by itself shortly after detecting no signal, so that works out. Give it a try.
  • I have an Xfinity XR2 remote and the (32270) code worked for me and the Polk Audio Signa X1 Sound Bar. Thanks @LeeSoFL I was lost without that.
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