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I scored a Yamaha rs500 for a song on Ebay for the deck speakers and genera listening Boston Acoustics speakers. Anyway, any issues with placing the integrated like this out of the way:


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    I know nothing about this, but will the heat from your furnace cause any issues, since that vent is right there? I use a couple clear plastic vent deflectors here at the house to change the air direction.
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    I would bet it wouldn't keep as cool because the heat sinks are probably on the sides so now you have a heatsink between the floor and the side that can't get rid of it's heat as heat rises and now its heat flow is covered by components.

    Would this be enough of an issue to cause problems? I don't know. Maybe you got it cheap enough to where "who cares?" Comes into play.
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    Sideways per se shouldn't be a problem unless there are any air vents on the side of the unit. If so, even that shouldn't be a problem if they can breathe. E.g., Raise the unit up a few inches on, say, a wire rack type of shelf. Put the P/S (transformer) side down - for best stability. :|

    The unit is designed to cool by convection (from bottom to top) but, with adequate ventilation will likely be OK on its side (especially if run conservatively).
    You can always run it for an hour or so (ahem, conservatively) and just kind of feel it all over (whoo! baby!) and see if there are any untoward hot spots.

    Plus, it wouldn't hurt to see if it says anything in the owner's manual about running it sideways ;)
    Heck, maybe an e-mail to customer support might not be a total waste of time(!?).

    I thoroughly concur with the post above re: the HVAC duct -- be wary of that if it's heat as well as (or as opposed to) A/C.


  • NightfallNightfall Posts: 7,545
    Can't you lay it flat beside the heat vent with the controls facing the couch?

    Maybe put it on a block of wood or something to get it off the floor and further away from the vent?
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    They didn't speak a word of English, they were from South Carolina.
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    ^^^ or hockey pucks. I have become a big fan of hockey pucks as spacers, feet, etc.


  • kevhed72kevhed72 Posts: 3,346
    Great Sideways movie of my favorites. I didnt think about the heat issues....fortunately, or unfortunately this particular winter season, we are on electric heat pumps- which got nothin on the Midwestern gas fired furnaces of my youth. The heat generated by an electric heat pump is luke warm at best. Ill give it a go and see how hot the top gets. Being next to 2 two single pane glass windows might keep it cool enough.
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    As Doc points out, it cools by convection, which isn't going to happen on its side.
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    You could always ventilate the side...
  • mhardy6647mhardy6647 Posts: 19,540
    The other problem could be, of course, a variation on the dreaded Taco Neck Syndrome.

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    afterburnt wrote: »
    They didn't speak a word of English, they were from South Carolina.
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    Don't do it!

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    Would you want to be turned on your side all day? Huh? Wouldja?
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    The electrons will leak out.
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    steveinaz wrote: »
    Would you want to be turned on your side all day? Huh? Wouldja?

    There's probably a completely inappropriate yet supremely witty response, somewhere, to that query.

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    Get some scrap 2 x 6's and make a shelf with them between the window sill and the arm of the chair/couch or just put the damn thing out on the deck.
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    Kev, the guys are right, don't do that. Your going to shorten the lifespan of that piece, unless you don't give a hoot. Just build a small shelf that goes over that floor duct, done. Heck, a couple bricks and a flat piece of wood or granite tile would work too.
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    How often are you going to be using it? I'm thinking it'll be just fine on it's side for occasional weekend deck music. My deck receiver has been living under much harsher circumstances than that for a few years now and it still work fine. Even in yesterdays bombtornado or whatever they hyped it to be it fired right up snowflakes and all.
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