i have a pair of 4.6 monitor series.one is sl2500,while other is sl2000 tweeter?why?

any help please

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  • dirkdirk Posts: 4
    not to my knowledge? bought them new in june of 1990. both are no good.is there a diaphragm kit for these?
  • dirkdirk Posts: 4
    the 2500 is black dome and the wire is loose at voice coil. the 2000 is a silver coil that is all cracked and broke is there ferrofluid in these because the 2500 has it in there but the 2000 seems dry?
  • dirkdirk Posts: 4
    thanks for help.just wondering if worth $100 to fix? drivers seem ok but how do I know if crossovers are ok? I listened to knew polk audio speakers but they just don't seem to sound the same? crossover numbers are the same but don't know for what tweeter?
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