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I made a another set of the billet feet for a curbside find I'm about to customize.
Its a Kenwood KR-V6020 and the only thing I could find wrong with it was a broken headphone plug in the port....and 2 missing feet... After removing the plug with a fine set of needle nose pliers and checking the DC-offset per Audiokarma instructions, it works perfectly. I did De-Oxit all the controls...

This faceplate is 1-piece anodized aluminum that I will make into a fine/brushed look and rehone some skills before I do this to a brand new onkyo CD player....


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    Nice feet!


    I'd have picked it up, too! :)
    i.e., you're as bad as I am ...
    repent, repent! While there's still time...

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    Free education as I've already learned Kenwood's methodology to their faceplate anodizing. Pleasantly surprised that the control signage is countersunk.
    I'll be doing another 15% CaOH bath. The center indention strip had a good buildup.
  • mhardy6647mhardy6647 Posts: 19,929
    It's kind of impressively amazing that this piece had an aluminum faceplate (as opposed to gen-u-ine plastic made to resemble anodized aluminum)!
  • xschopxschop Posts: 880
    And surprisingly a high quality alloy with no galvanic pitting. Makes my work much easier.
  • xschopxschop Posts: 880
    The signage must be laser etched before the 2- step anodizing took place. I could easily polish this alloy to a mirror finish but it would ruin/elimimate the countersunk lettering....
    After 320 grit wet sand. I like the look.

  • xschopxschop Posts: 880
    I did the final polishing with a plastic polymer scrub pad....

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    Planning on a contrast for the laser etching?
  • xschopxschop Posts: 880
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    No, just the incognito look is appealing. I hope the Onkyo lettering is the same, but I'm not holding my breath.
    Looking more closely at the innards, they're all Elna caps...and no bulging tops.
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    F1, Thanks to you, a couple of my pieces have now been accosted by the butyl mat treatment. It really does stop the resonances and adds a solid feeling to the sheet metal. Also, you can never have enough bling...
    Even if you wont see it....
  • xschopxschop Posts: 880
    Somehow I find that statement difficult to digest.
  • Viking64Viking64 Posts: 3,669
    F1nut wrote: »
    Accosted......that's a trigger word, I'm offended. :p

    Quick! Go to your "safe place". :p
  • ZLTFULZLTFUL Posts: 4,745
    Kind of has a Carver vibe to it now.
    "Some people find it easier to be conceited rather than correct."

    "Unwad those panties and have a good time man. We're all here to help each other, no matter how it might appear." DSkip
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    I wuz bein' facetious :/

    but, that said -- actually, there are a pair of C-Vs here. They were given to us by some good friends and they served my son well in his high school years. They're just -- umm -- somewhere down in the basement at this point.


    Come to think of it, they were my first woofer refoaming experience :) Even went for the C-V red surrounds.

    I do have to say (back on topic), the faceplate looks wonderful, but the knobs just aren't quite doing it for me... :/
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    Just jesting myself. You're into horns, not knobs lol.
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    Maybe some "High" yellow silk screened words would help.
  • xschopxschop Posts: 880
    Looks like this was one of the better CD players from this era (DP-8020). I'll keep an eye out for one and make it match the receiver....

  • xschopxschop Posts: 880
    Nbrowser, I prefer the more subtle approach by offering the offended party a nice side of cheese and crackers.... to go with all that whine.
  • xschopxschop Posts: 880
    Who said anything about feelings? I thought F1 was a bot.
  • xschopxschop Posts: 880
    So he lives in his 1.3's... Now I understand hehe.
    He's a good sport. Funny too.
    I admire his uncanny ability to convey, ever so gingerly, that your project/modification is or will be a spectacular fail.
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    First time setting idle adjustment...
    I found the service manual and it states to adjust idle current to 10mV for L-R channels.
    Upon initial reading both channels showed 4.5mV... Is this normal to be out of spec this far? And does changing/adjusting idle current change DC offset to where I'd have to recheck it at speaker terminals?

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