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I'm running RT1000i's mains, CS400i center, FX500i's surronds,and a PSW350 & PSW650.I feel I could go with even more bass , but running the two sub at a modest level for .ower noise and clean audio. Although the receiver I'm using doesn't have preamp outputs . If I ran the RT1000i's with the left right main preouts in to the sub ins I'm sure it would satisfy my need for more bass output.My problem is they get cut off where the sub takes over. But if you plan on ever just running mains the RT100i's would be a good choice.
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    how big is your room. Thats a monster system for bass.Do you place one sub in the back and one in the front??
    Both in the front?Both on the side wall's?
    I can help you get better performance out of that system .I want to know the layout of your room, where you have the sub's places and exaclty how you wired the entire system, what receiver you own.Id like to help you.
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    the room is 11.5' wide by 14' long Rectangle ,concrete floor carpeted. has 9' ceiling . 2 windows on the width walls ,and three windows on the outside long wall all about 2'x 3.5'.ALL painted no drapes.just vinyl blinds( need to move everything into a bigger room haven't done so yet.(other room 18'x 14' plus some unuseable space.

    PSW 650 in front corner . RT1000's in the front , CS400i center,FX500i's on the side wall close to the back wall. PSW350 back corner.Receiver Sony STR-DE1045 110 watts . no preouts.I am shopping for a excellent receiver or seperates. Denon, B+K, Marantz, Pioneer elite. Want 7.1 system for big room . I have RT35i's to run, also CS245i, and RT25i's.

    Mantis please help

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    I would what to you get an actual HT receiver before setting everything up with your Sony. A high quality HT reciever will make a world of diffence over your current Sony. You have close to same setup as mine. I am running a true 6.1 setup. Check it out in the system showcase. Room is 13'x18.:cool:
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    I agree you need to find a receiver first.Or seperates.If you can afford the B&K ref30 and the ref7270,go for it, it wil smoke every receiver on the market hand's down, and not to mention you can upgrade the preamp after the new stuff comes out this fall.
    He's a problem I see....the concrete floor.If you stay in that room or move to the other room, build a sub floor.If the other room has concrete.Concrete absorb's most of your low's, that why your not getting the performance you want.With just the rt1000i's in a room with a basement underneath,you can feel small shockwave's in the floor.Add a psw650 and now you have titlewaves ripping the floor.Add another psw350 and now you can smooth and blend everything together to blend in Harmony.
    You have more than plenty of sub power to fill both room's.The smaller room only need the psw650 if you build a sub floor.
    A sub floor........Take 2x4's and build a floor on top of the concrete,rip up the rug.Use 3/4 plywood and build it up 4 3/4 inch, the with of the 2x4 and 1 sheet of plywood.You can go thicker on the plywood,not thinner,unless you havr light people in your family and everything'd light in your room.
    This might seem extreme at first, but if you think about it,it makes all the sence in the world to do.Look at the troube your having with no or little bass performance.
    Once you build a sub floor naturally re rug it and pad it.You will automatically feel sommmmmmmmething different.The floor will now vibrate everytime the sub's hit.Very cool.This is what you do when you build a theater in the basement.
    hope this help's
    My personal quest is to save to world of bad audio, one thread at a time.
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