hi can i use the polk rc85i speakers in a brick wall?

i intend using them as surrounds and will build a box for each speaker.



  • Hello @avinash,

    Unless you make a box and affix the box to the wall, that would be the only way to do that. The in-wall speakers clamp down to dry-wall or you could use plywood to clamp it to.

    Let us know if you have more questions.

  • mantismantis Posts: 15,404
    Bad idea , get on wall models.
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  • Just curious, Avin, but do you have a true brick wall or a brick veneer wall ?

    Nice choice in speakers, btw. As far as building a box to afix them to, I think other factors would seem to come into play: open or sealed, volume of box, etc.

    Mr. T (Treitz) had a nice in-wall speaker set up from what I understand. I think his were mounted in drywall though, so he may not have 'hands on' experience with brick.

    Gut feeling is that I think Mantis may be correct.
    If, for whatever reason, it becomes necessary to move them then it can quickly turn into a "big deal".
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