Surroundbar 6000 subwoofer standby mode


I have a surrounded 6000 and when i turn off my tv the surroundbar will go to standby mode which is normal. The problem is when i leave it overnight on standby, in the morning when i turn it on, the subwoofer stays on standby mode. For it to reconnect i have to switch the power off and power on again.

Has anyone experience this? Is there a fix for this?

Thanks in advance!


  • Hello @Ryan2004,

    That is an odd problem. I have not seen that before, that I can remember. It sounds like the amplifier board of the subwoofer needs to be replaced. Now there was only a 1 year warranty on the amplifier board of the subwoofer. But we could sell it to you at a discount if it was over 1 year. Please direct message me and we can figure everything out for you.

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