Monitor 70 Series II - Help Setting Up Properly

I am a noob here, but have a few quick questions about how to proper wire up my Monitor 70's for all around use. We will be using them for everything audio and video. My set up is as follows: 3.1 front facing (We don't have the space or ability to run 5.1 or 7.2)
Reciever - Yamaha RV-V579
Line Cleanser/Surge: Monster Power Center HTS2500
Mains: Monitor 70 Series II (Bi-Wired)
Center: Polk CSi3 Center
Subwoofer: Polk PSW 404B (Sits Next to Right Main
Speaker Cables: CL1 14-4 (Bi-Wire Mains/Single Center)

With the way I have my 70's wired, should I remove the jack plate or just leave it? I have been lurking for a week now trying to read up on as much information as I can find, but no one really answers my question above. Most of the answers are more opinions or personal preference. I have been playing around with different wiring techniques, and so far bi-wiring the mains has produced the best clarity, power management, highest volume without distortion, and overall sound quality. My Yamaha just doesn't have enough power (80 watts per channel) to run the Monitor 70's with 1 cable Main A to Top Jack. I also ran Main A to Bi-Wire (14awg 2 plugs to 4 plugs). I ended up building my cables to run 14awg - 4 plugs. Is there anything else can I do to help get the most out of the 70's with what I have to work with. Before anyone suggests buying 1 or 2 amps, this is not an option for me as this time. My electronics budget is gone for this year and maybe next.

Thanks for reading this entire mess, and I hope it makes sense.


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    With 4 plugs the plates are redundant
    I disabled
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    If your bi-wiring, then remove those jumper plates on the back of the speakers. You need to re-install those plates if your going to run just a single speaker wire.

    Getting the most out of them can come from different areas but at this point, your receiver's settings. Make sure you setup all your inputs individually. Read your manual as to all the adjustments available to you. If you have auto calibration on that receiver, use it as a guideline, and then tweek the settings to your satisfaction after. Since you don't have surrounds, make sure you tell the receiver that so that information gets re-routed to the front 3 instead of being lost.

    Personally, I like larger speakers set to large, even with a subwoofer, but most will tell you to set them to small, with the crossover set at roughly 70-80. Try either way to see what satisfies your ears.

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