I couldn't pass them up...

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I have a habit of checking the KSL Classifieds (the SLC version of CL, but infinitely better search engine) daily for anything I can't live without. Like most of you I'm sure, I do not need any more gear, but...

Anyway, I came across these a few weeks ago, and didn't give them much thought until I saw a fellow member looking for a pair. Turns out, he wanted the natural wood finish. So a few days go by, and I see they are still for sale, so I message the seller and ask if they would consider $125. I've never experienced the "ring radiator" tweeter, and figure these may be fun to play with. They said no, and I forgot about it.

Then I get a call out of the blue last weekend from the seller, asking if I'm still interested. I said sure, but I only have $100 in my "Audio fund" (McCormack pretty much killed it). The seller says no problem, so long story short, they live with me now...

Oh, and the stands were included;-)



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    Nice pickup. Indeed, absolute steal. Be sure to leave at least a fake phone number when you leave the guy in the morning.

    Could you expound on the acronyms in your original post? Sounds interesting but CL was the only part I could decipher.
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    Congrats man! They are a good pair of speakers!

    The 7s are widely mentioned as the most overlooked but best of the LSI speakers.
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    very nice pickup
    When I was a kid my parents told me to turn it down. Now I'm an adult and my kids tell me to turn it down.

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    Very nice score.
  • halenhalen Posts: 623
    Nice grab! The ring radiator tweeter implemented in the LSI was what started my journey into Polk. Definitely fun speakers!

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    msg wrote: »
    Nice pickup. Indeed, absolute steal. Be sure to leave at least a fake phone number when you leave the guy in the morning.

    Could you expound on the acronyms in your original post? Sounds interesting but CL was the only part I could decipher.

    KSL is the local radio/tv conglomerate in the Salt Lake City area. They run a classified section on their web site - free, just like Craig's List. You can sort by category, just like CL, but they also have a sub-category selection. I look at "home audio - speakers" and "home audio - other" daily. "Home Audio Other" is where I found my McCormack - usually where you find amps, preamps, and the like. There is a separate section for "Home Audio Receivers", so I don't have to wade through them.

    Here's a link -

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    that's a steal indeed, someday I'll get my ears on these!
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    "Stole em" is an understatement. Nice acquisition!
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    Good grief man! By my estimation you got a pretty good deal on some speakers stands and had the speakers thrown in for free.

    The 7's were probably my favorite of the LSi line.
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  • erniejadeerniejade Posts: 5,401
    I liked the lsi 7&9 quite a bit. I like a beefier type sound and they fit the bill. They do play way beyond their size.
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