OPPO PM-1???

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Anyone ever had a set on their head? are they worth the money?? They look very nice, I have been wanting a set of good Headphones for quite some time now..

Should I just save the coin and get the PM-3??

I will just be using them at home when I can't have the stereo going full force..


  • codycatalist
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    Those some 'spensive cans there Larry. Wish I could give some advice but I relegated to my $80 pair of Grados and $50 tube amp ha!
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  • DaveHo
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    I have the PM-3s. They are nice, but if you don't need a closed back set of cans, I think there are others in that price range to consider. I only ever use headphones at work, so closed back it is for me. FWIW, I haven't felt the need to upgrade since I got them six months back or so.
  • rooftop59
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    I have never heard them, so I'm not very helpful. But I do agree with @DaveHo on this, if you're at home why not open back? They'll leak a little sound but they're not keeping anyone awake unless you're laying in bed next to the wife.

    Personally I would think about trying those massdrop sennheiser hd6xx first. I'm sure you can sell them if you don't like them...
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  • AsSiMiLaTeD
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    All the Oppo cans share the same basic sound signature with further refinement as you move up. They are a fairly laid back listen, they don't really screw anything up badly but don't necessarily jump out at you either. They're a very well composed sound but lack the excitement and fun sound some cans off so just depends on what you're looking for.

    If you want closed back check out the Mr Speakers AEON model that just came out, these may just be the best set of closed headphones I've ever heard and split the price between the PM3 and PM1.
  • AsSiMiLaTeD
    AsSiMiLaTeD Posts: 11,695
    Those Senns are nice, but will be much more difficult than most other cans to get the best sound out of as they really need a good OTL to reach their potential.