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well, im just lovin the new marantz (sr18ex) that i got last week...
sounds like nothing that ive ever heard befor,movies&tunes have a whole new life to them(im listing to tunes that i havent listened to for 10-15yrs...
but heres the question, i still have my old "nakamichi r1/ intergrated amp & yamaha e-300 dsp,
The marantz is a 7.1 thx ex , but you need a seperate amp to drive the rears... i used the nak, it doesnt sound too bad ,
but theres a nother set up possable too.thats to hook-up the mains and center to the 2nd amp(like mono's) but im wondering if i can do it with the nak or yamaha that i have allready, and just use the a & b channels?and hook the rears up to the marantz insted of the nak,
please advise... HEY, RON ... YOU HEAR'N THIS???? i think that your the only other "MARANTZ" owner in this fourm. :) & could really use the help of an expert like you .... lololol
ps RON , the sub looks great. im sure that it sounds just .... LOUD.
thx again .:D
--MARANTZ SR18ex 140wpc x 5 (high current/direct amp)thx-ex "ultra"
electrohome tube amp 15watt. pr channel(aprox.1955a.d.) for 2 channel audio{recently recapped& tubed-5ar4power rect. & 12au7)
-kenwood amp(km-996/140wpc(used for 7.1 rears(thx ex)
-toshiba dvd video/audio player(progressive scan) sd-4700
-sony sacd cd player scd-xe670
-nakamichi "music bank cd player "6+1disk(20bit dac)
-toshiba hifi vcr (v3 pro head)
-motorola digital cable box
-RCA 32' "home theater" PIP tv
-polk RT800i x 2 (mains) ~bi-wired
-polk sc400i x 1 (center) ~bi-wired
-polk fx300i x 2 (side fx) ~di-pole
-polk r10 x 2 (rears)
-polk pws250 (powered sub)
-2x173ltr(48"-16")sono subs(powered by kenwood kr-7200 250watt & w/ audiosource EQ (model eq eight/series II)
-Thorens td-166 mk II/Grado silver fs1
-Thorens td-160/empire 66cart
-Dual 601
-D.I.Y. carfea "little big horns"-(pioneer full range 8" & fostex 4" compression horn tweaters
-sony (ps1)
-sony (ps2)

-haroo, "GOD gave you the gift of sound, Your gift to God is what you do with it!"
"marantz haroo"
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    You can use that amp.But...It's not going tosound like your Marantz.Nice choice by the way.I would call Marantz or go to the dealer you bought it from and get the correct amp for that receiver, you will be alot happier when the sound stay's the same.Keep your old amp's and build a nice 2 channel,or sell and but towards the Marantz amp.
    This is what it's all about testing testing,testing, oop's I mean using using using testin....Damn finger's
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    I am another Marantz owner here, but it's only the lowly SR6200 receiver :)
    Anyway, fanboyism aside, the Marantz "warm" sound mates remarkably well with Polk speakers. I would suggest you try for an all Marantz amplification for all your speakers if you can, although for 7.1 rears it's probably not critical.
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