Really sealed cans for big head and ears

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I just got these
I think I like em but they are hardly over ear for dumbos like me and they leak pretty bad for being called sealed. What affordable sealed cans do I need?


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    I use these for drumming. Tons of room for my big ears and amazing isolation:
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    I wouldn't say they seal the best, but as far as comfort goes I will NEVER give up my Beyer DT770's.

    I have glasses and wanted something that I could wear for hours and wouldn't embed my glasses into my skull and leave my ears feeling like they were cooking or sweaty.

    I can wear the Beyers for 12+ hours in a day and my ears dont get sweaty, or even hot, I sometimes forget I have them on, and they dont make me feel like my head is in a vice.

    And they sound decent too as they are made for studio mixing. Bit of a V curve so bass and highs are a bit more accentuated than mid's but its not something that I feel is super noticeable to me at least.

    The pads are nice and soft and comfy, and they also make different ohm versions so you can get what you need. I'm running with the 32 ohm model so I can drive them off my phone or any other mobile device super easy.
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    Jaybeez wrote: »
    I use these for drumming. Tons of room for my big ears and amazing isolation:

    this ultra phones are just the Peltor hearing protection we had to wear for 30 years, I don't like them at all the drivers are bad to me, and the break easily, and I've gone thru many pairs and they are normally only like $50-$60 bucks

    look them up on amazon.
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