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Last week I picked up a system consisting of LSi9s, LSiC and LSiF/X. They sounded great... that is until I tried to calibrate them. For some reason the right LSi9's tweeter was making some odd noice beyond what Avia's calibration pink noise. Turns out the tweeter wasn't behaving right.

I was annoyed at my self for thinking the LSi9's were wall mountable when in fact they weren't but didn't want to deal with returning them and geting the 7s or 15s. Now I had an excuse... I thought the LSi9s looked good in my theater, but the LSi15s are even nicer! These blow the pants off of the RTi25 system I have now moved to a different room in the house.

Polk really has outdone themself!

(Incase you're wondernig what else is in my setup:
Sony ES 9000 T/N (pre/amp & amp combo)
Sony XBR 57" 16:9 HDTV
Panny A10 DVD-Audio player
HTPC outputing 540p to the TV
TVIO, PS2, Xbox etc
the LSi's of course
and an SVS 20-39PCi (which is why I don't need the LSi25 ;-)

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  • bkleinkebkleinke Posts: 51
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    Opps... this isn't a problem any more... I should have posted this in Your Opinion ;-)
  • Micah CohenMicah Cohen Ruler of the gnome universe Posts: 2,020
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    Hey whatever, man, that's a great post! Thanks for your kudos. I'll make sure other people around here see it.

    Tell me (us) what you're listening to, and what it sounds like on your new LSi's!

    [email protected]

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  • AaronAaron Posts: 1,853
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    Sounds like a cool system, man! Why don't you post your setup in the System Showcase ( Then we can all marvel at your LSi coolness.

  • bkleinkebkleinke Posts: 51
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    What do I listen to.... hmm lots :)

    I must say my collection of DVD-Audio discs sound very very good though I'm downmixing to 2 channels since I don't have a 6ch pre-in on the sony (either going to buy a Sony ES 9000P or replace the Sony with an Outlaw 950)

    My DVD-Audio collect consists of:
    Beethoven's 4&5 Symphonies
    Beethoven's 9th
    and a Collection of Bach's Organ works played by Ton Koopman

    I've got a Hundred CDs ranging from Billy Joel, to Manheim Steamroller (Fresh Aire) to Bare Naked Ladies.

    The DVD-Audio sounds the best, but even the CDs have a new life.

    My main forte is Movies, and I've got ~340 of them :) The FX are a noticeable improvement over the RT25i's. And the Front soundstage is just so much more present. TPM's THX intro was amazing and the Dual of the Fates scene is always fun. And heck even PS2 and XBox games sound good.

    I'll report back after I spend more time with them :)

    The RT25i / CS245i system is happily living in the bedroom now hooked up to a Pioneer Elite reciver filling that room with much needed musical joy.

  • bkleinkebkleinke Posts: 51
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    I'll try to get some pix taken when I borrow someone's digital camera (I'm still letting the technology settle down before I buy one)

    Then I'll submit it all.

    (Dang that means I have to clean the room doesn't it...)

  • Steve@3dai[email protected] Posts: 983
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    Originally posted by bkleinke
    (Dang that means I have to clean the room doesn't it...)

    Yea, I'm in the boat with you on that one ;) hahaha

    In what aspect do you think the 15s are better than the 9s? I have the 9s, and I think they are phenomenal speakers. Just the bass?


    Oh, btw, pick up Bjorks' Vespertine on DVD-A, it's quite an amazing album!

    - Steve
    LSi 9/C/FX
    Arcam AVR-200
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    Can't wait to see your pic's......... the more I hear/see about the Lsi series the more I'm tempted in picking up a pair for my 2 channel listening but I would need a two channel amp.

  • bkleinkebkleinke Posts: 51
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    More Bass, but IMO the LSi15's just look better. I suppose that depends upon how you mount the 9's but Stands just don't look as nifty. It may also have something to do with the fact my TV is 5'6" tall and 5" across.

    I would have been happy with the 9s but the Tweeter prob gave me an excuse to try these. And although they cost more, I like :)

  • har_navaltahar_navalta Posts: 957
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    I can't wait to get them too, so many people are saying that these LSi's look cool, I like to have LSiC, LSiFX and LSi9 and PSW 650's to complete my home theater.

    bkleinke, post some pic... I love to see your LSi's...

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    I like your taste,Sony Es makes great seperartes.You wouldn't know it by there receiver's.That amp really pump's>Tha last time I Installed it was a complete Sonus Faber ht system.Man It made them sing.I still the way that sound's!!!
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