Wires/Connectors Needed for CSi40 Center??

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I broke down and finally bought the new csi40. My first center channel! I hope it sounds like the 400i. What do you guys recommend for cables-any particular gauge of monster wires or line? Connectors etc? Do I need to be concerned with "bi-wiring"-whatever that means?
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I am kind of piecing this together under my wife's radar...;)
So far she is able to detect my every move.
Next up-surround rears...
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    I would use 14 gauge quality speaker wire minimum, or 12 gauge.

    I use Monster 2 piece banana plugs that accept the wire up the middle, and then you screw the cap over it and these little teeth bite into the wire and hold it secure - it's really cool.

    Exposed copper wiring can oxidize over time and this might inhibit signal transfer, that's why many audiophiles use some type of connector on the end.

    I have my CS400i bi-wired. It slightly increases the transparency of the sound. Just run two wires each from the positive and the negative "center out" on the receiver, and then connect the two positives - one each - to the respective posts on the center, and the same for the two negatives. Be sure to remove the gold plated binding posts or you will fry something.

    The banana plugs work really well for this because it's a **** trying to feed two wires into the receiver positive and negative posts, and the plugs can accept 2 14-gauge wires inside and then plug right into the receiver.

    As far as the wife thing goes...........I always told my wife to "get over it" when I bought something really expensive and cool. She eventually divorced me. I'm still buying expensive and cool stuff.

    Tell your wife some guy at work got into trouble with a loan shark and had to unload a bunch of stuff fast and you bought the CSi40 for $35 - and he paid $110 and you thought it was a screamin' deal.


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    The speaker thing...........use good quality wire, it should be the same as your front's as well as the same length.Bi wiring is as it seem's to always inprove your sound.14 to 12 gauge is good enough,But if you can afford permade wire's like the Monster cable mcx bi wire's, then your in good shape, wire make a ton of difference.But can get pricey when you keep swapping wires out.It take's a long time to get an ear for different cable's>it's hard to hear at first, but when you do ,you won't believe your ears.
    The wife thing.............that just pisses me off to no end.I hate more then anything else is to research for a new peice of gear,go listen to it, demo it out against other thing's like it, narrow it down to the one you want, buy it and be so happy, can''t wait to get home to hook it up,then get your face kicked in by your wife, giving you the 3rd degree over why you have to have it, and spoil your whole thing.I 'm personally killed on this subject,I hate more than to see anyone else go threw some of the thing's I had to put up with over the year's of upgrading.I work in the field so I get good deal's on audio and video gear, so I like to buy alot.
    But I hate to deal with her about it, she just doesn't understand me, or should I say US?
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