My daughter, the teacher, and her "humble-brag"

My youngest daughter (27) is a 5th yr. English teacher (9th and 10th grades) here in NC, where we do NOT pay our teachers very well. She has a Master's degree in Education from Wake Forest but barely gets by with her rent, student loans and living expenses.

It's a bit discouraging to her but then she gets something like this from one of her students and it makes it all worthwhile:


She posted that on FB and said it was a "humble-brag" but that stuff like that keeps her committed to her teaching profession.

We need more teachers with reasons to remain teachers despite the lack of salary. And more perceptive students like the one that wrote that.


  • Agreed. My mother was a teacher for 30 years in NC before retiring recently. The way the state has changed salaries for master's degrees and tenure, those teachers in the state surely are doing the work out of passion, and not personal prosperity.
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    You should be proud! That's beautiful. Educators are HIGHLY undervalued in this dog-eat-dog economy! Americans have NEVER valued education as much as any number of other European nations or the East Asian countries, etc. They babble about education but only pay those who PROFIT them! And everyone else HERE accepts that as normal because, hey, isn't it ALL about PROFITS? What about humans and humanity? No, we don't worry about those things. It's the ECONOMY stupid! lol Ah, what an arrogant ignorance!

    As a college level educator I've always had the GREATEST respect for those in the public system below, because that's where it all happens. By the time we get them, it's too late.

    All the best to your daughter, she's doing the most important work!

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    AHHHHH :)
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    Don't even get me started. We had one of the best education systems in the nation here until recent political turns of events. Now, after massive cuts to education, schools across the state can't even get applications for many teacher positions. Turnover at all time highs, experienced teachers retiring. The world of paperwork for teachers has gone berserk, they spend countless hours filling out paperwork. I had two twins working for me whose parents were both lifetime teachers and the boys used to always tell me how they were also going to go into education to teach math like their father. Best workers I ever had. Recently, however, they told me, "Education will be screwed up for a generation, and we've decided to switch majors to business." Since then I've discovered that applications to the Education departments in our state colleges has tanked. My friends that are high school teachers tell me that the schools are now run by idiots who got into administration (because teachers pay will no longer increase and administrators are paid like a supreme court justice) with just a few years of teaching experience and have no idea how to teach, and by school psychologists. One had a required meeting several weeks before school started. The administrator started out by saying, "I'll say 'TEACHERS' and you say 'ROCK'! Teachers can only work out of passion so long. It's not dark yet, but its getting there. Ok, rant over, sorry to derail the thread.
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    You should be bragging. Thanks for sharing
  • Congrats to her!!
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    Here is a page of what different levels of judges make. And they are losing a lot of judges since most won't come close to what a lawyer in a firm can make.
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    Hats off to your daughter. Right there she's made a difference no matter the salary level, that cannot have monetary value it's beyond that.
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    I always look up to teachers, I still keep in touch with my AP bio teacher
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    That's awesome!
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