Subwoofer hook up to my W4S Preamp??

So I want to play with my sub in my 2 channel system, and I have a couple questions..

First, since I'm using my balanced connections to my amps, can I just use the RCA outs to my subwoofer??

Or do I need to get balanced Y connections???

I really don't want to daisy chain to the speakers, that will be the deal breaker for me...



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    For my LSi7 desk top system I had Doug @helipilotdoug (Douglas Connection) make me a custom all male RCA Y-Cable, I'm sure he can do a balanced connector Y cable, too.

    I use the W4S as a pre then Y the signal to the amp and sub full range and control the sub by volume

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    I use balanced out to my amps, then I use one of the spare RCA outs to my sub. I fiddle with the crossover on the sub to my liking, I think mine is set around 60hz so it blends nicely with the mains. I play a pink noise and use a spl meter to level match, usually the sub gets bumped up a few db.
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