Scorpions! Has anybody here ever been stung by one? We just bought a house in Western Colorado and discovered one crawling on the dinning room floor. My wife brushed it aside with her foot while wearing only flip flops. Once she saw what it was, she stepped on it to kill it. But she was totally freaked out by that close encounter. You can bet we will be checking our shoes each time before putting them on!
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    No, but heard that many are pretty harmless. Many varieties are no more harmful than a typical bee sting. Google says that the "striped bark scorpion" is common in Colorado, and it is just as I just described. You should try to grab a photo and have it identified. Then take precautions that you feel is appropriate. Perhaps have an exterminator spray the house, and then wear slippers when getting up in the middle of the night (they're nocturnal).
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    A few scorpions made their way into our house in N. GA not long ago. Right after I had a truckload of mulch delivered. I suspicion that was their means of transport.

    I've always heard that scorpions in the U.S., particularly the ones in N. GA do not carry lethal amounts of poison. I just caught these in a glass and threw them in the woods, although I did check my shoes for a few days afterwards.. Ugly little brown colored suckers.
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    The stripebacked scorpion is the most dangerous scorpion in Colorado and its sting is far from fatal.
    It can very from a sweat bee type of sting to a wasp sting in how painful it is. And in extremely rare cases, you can have an allergic reaction to the venom. But in most instances, the are simply annoying.
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    I'm from arizona and we have LOTS of them! My 5 yr old daughter got stung on her neck (thankfully nothing bad happened). They are right most are harmless, the most that will happen is some bad aches and pains but nothing life threatening.
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    I had some of the brown ones in my house after it was built and for the next couple of years. Concerned me as they were very difficult to see. They blended right in to the color of the tile and carpet.

    I am surprised no one got stung. Earlier this year found one in the shower. Not sure how to protect myself from them in the shower but he was dead when I found him. Makes me wonder how many showers I took while he was alive and watching me. :open_mouth:
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    As Indiana Jones once said...."It's the little ones you have to look out for".
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    tratliff wrote: »

    I am surprised no one got stung. Earlier this year found one in the shower. Not sure how to protect myself from them in the shower but he was dead when I found him. Makes me wonder how many showers I took while he was alive and watching me. :open_mouth:

    They call those the voyeur scorpions.. creepy.
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  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 12,077
    small delicate pincers most of the time mean they can be very dangerous, largish muscular pincers nothing to worry about. That is the way I understood it. Most in the US fall under the semi harmless but painful category.
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    My daughter Emma got pinched by one a year ago..... curious little baby.

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    I was stung by these in the mid 80s and still love them!
  • Msabot1Msabot1 Posts: 2,114
    Nope...but they were common as flys when I lived in Tucson...just had to be on your guard...
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    The sting from that band is too hot.
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