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A little back story....My father-in-law passed away in July and my wife and I inherited his vinyl collection which hadn't been touched in years. Most of it was in horrific shape, but there were a few gems I was excited about. Checked the local craigslist and found a Technics SL-D202 for $25. It needed a new cart, so I picked up a Shure M92E since I didn't want to sink a ton of cash into vinyl playback until I had more experience. Cleaned SRV's Couldn't Stand the Weather and dropped the needle. My jaw hit the floor. Cheap deck and cart, but I had never heard SRV sound this good on my system. Needless to say, now my interest is way up. The wife and I spent an afternoon having drinks and spinning old songs from her childhood.

Fast forward a couple months and I already have the upgrade bug, but still not wanting to drop a lot of cash down the rabbit hole. I find a Pioneer PL-518 with a Grado F1+ cart installed on craigslist for $100. Poking around on the net seemed to suggest this was a respectable starter table and I saw quite a few listed on the bay for double the price or more and figured I could make a profit if I didn't like the table. The drawback? It was ugly as sin.


While researching this table, I found a thread on another forum where a guy had put new veneer on the same model. I had never worked with veneer before, but my brother is good with that kind of stuff, so I figured why not give it a try. I also talked with a guy I work with, and he gave me enough veneer for about a half dozen tables. The finished results aren't perfect, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out for my first try.


So this is where I need the advice from the turntable veterans on the forum. The Grado cart is ok, but I like the additional warmth of the Shure M92 on my other table. The Shure just seems more musical. The Grado a bit clinical. I'm thinking of trying the Shure M97 unless anyone has some suggestions on a good match for this table. I don't have a specific budget in mind, but probably under 3 bills.


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    Wow that looks nice! I have been wanting to try vinyl too, so I can't add anything to this thread but I will be following it :)
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    I like the veneer, you did a good job!
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    Wow! What a transformation. Looks great from the picture.

    Not sure on the cart recommendation. Grado's are typically known for their warmth and musicality.

    What other gear is in the chain?
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    Right now, I am using a Marantz 8801. I will likely go to a dedicated phono preamp eventually. Amp is a classdaudio SDS-470 (until I can afford a Pass Labs) and speakers are PBN B741s with a Funk Audio sub. Most people are not familiar with PBN Audio. All drivers in my speakers are Scanspeak Illuminators.
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    Thanks for the kind words and recommendation Nightfall. That Denon cart looks very interesting. Definitely adding it to my list.
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    I think you need to pair your cart with a phono pre in mind
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    Looks nice. I have a Pioneer PL-518 in my workshop in pretty horrible cosmetic condition but in good working condition that I thought I'd veneer. I don't know if I'll ever ger around to it though. The big issue with that generation Pioneer is the feet rot off but there are plenty alternatives for isolation feet.

    I flip between a Sure Tracer 1 (M97) and an old Grado G cartridge on my Pioneer PL-530 depending on my mood. Usually I prefer the Grado. There are different alignment methods and protractors that make a difference too,

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    Maybe the technics is just a warmer sound? Btw the 202 was my first real turntable back in the .. late 70's or 1980. But from memory it sounded good.
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    I strongly second the denon dl110. Fantastic bang for the buck Mc cart. It did more for my vinyl than any other upgrade I've done so far. A dozen different tables, dozens of diff cart ( all mm.) Head shells, tonearm ect ect ect but when the 110 came in the picture I got my first WOW moment. I thought I'd arrived when a friend let me have his Shure (the vaunted) V15lllMR (nos) (cartridges that sell for stupid money) but the denon (on my system) **** slapped it. And available under 2 bills. Try it.
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    I ordered the Denon today.
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