Inexpensive amp for SC6s?

I'm getting tinny sound through these speakers, with each one being driven by a Lepai LP-2020A+ amp. Is this a function of the compromises in the SC6s or have I blundered in amp selection? I'm really happy with the sound from my 265-RT front speakers, but they're driven by my Yamaha receiver. If it's the amps, what would be a good choice for <=$200 for four channels? Maybe should hook my Yamaha to the SC6s to see if it makes a difference.


  • mdaudioguymdaudioguy Posts: 5,082
    Well, a $20 amp is a $20 amp. While not top of the line, those speakers are decent. Yes, try powering them with the Yamaha. You'll definitely notice an improvement, or there's something wrong with the speakers/installation/wiring.

    What is your setup? 5.1, 7.1? Trying to understand why you're using that little amp and don't just have them running off the AVR.
  • Thanks for the feedback. I have two widely-separated kitchen ceiling speakers, through which I'm streaming stereo via Airplay and an Airport Express. I split the analog output from the Express into a pair of the cheap amps. These are the only speakers in this room. AVR is in the TV room driving an unrelated 5.1 system.

    Before installing the speakers, I hooked them individually to a Lepai amp and was surprised at the tinny sound. That was using good speaker wire. Wire buried in the ceiling is a bit of an unknown, but I think this rules it out. I'll try the Yamaha.
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