Anyone upgrade their storage on the PS4 yet?

Went to play Mad Max free from Redbox for a day. Would not let me because I am out of storage 500gb. Finding out now that one game can use 55gb just to play (GTA5). System requires almost 76gb for updates and such. Easy to see why my 500 GB system is tapped out. Sad day for Sony when they knew this would happen! Want to upgrade to 4TB or 6 TB so I can be done with this nonsense for a long while. Thanks. D
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  • quickr1
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    There is a kit on Amazon with everything you need to put in a 2tb hard drive. I debated doing it b4 I loaded BO3. It is around 130 bucks.
  • Mikey081057
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    Probably best to go with a sshd Solid State Hybrid Drive.... Much faster...only a few bucks more. There are plenty of instructions on how to backup and restore your O/S and .data on your existing PS4. 5400 RPM drives are slow and a 4TB 5400 RPM drive will really get slow as it ages with more data stored on it.

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  • RamZet
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    Can you connect any old USB 3.0 HDD to it like XboxOne?
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