Thinking out loud...

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A few months ago my Toshiba SATELLITE P840-ST2N01 had an unfortunate incident under some very mysterious circumstances. The bezel around the LED display separated and I heard a crunching sound as I encountered resistance when opening the laptop. Whatever caused this happened when I was not at home. We had guests from out of town staying with us but I cannot pin this on anyone in particular without proof.

It is sitting in the living room now, open, unused. When I pick it up the back (top) cover is just flapping in the breeze on the left side, detached from the LED screen except for a few wires/cables.

I am not super tech savvy but it occurred to me that I can leave it where it is and turn it into a music server. I'd love to back up all of my DVDs and be able to stream / pull up movies on demand and get rid of all the physical DVDs that occupy way too much real estate in the apartment.

I was reading up on some of this stuff and it appears that I'll want a clean install of Windows 7 with not a lot of stuff running in the background? I've had limited experience with Foobar and VLC, I like them both. I also read that I want to slow the CPU down and increase cooling. Not sure how to do either of those things. The Tosh has an i5-3317U with 8GB RAM and a 750GB mechanical hard drive.

I have an iPhone and I'd like to use that as a remote to access my music (and movie?) library.

I have a BEHRINGER U-CONTROL UCA222 USB DAC and I want to connect the "server" to my Denon 2113CI AVR. Since the DENON has built in DACs, do I even need the UCA222? I can run a toslink cable from the UCA222 to the 2113CI or I can run a 3.5 --> stereo RCA to the 2113CI. I was also considering the HiFiMeDIY Sabre USB DAC over the UCA222 but only if it's going to make a substantial difference.

For reference, I've got my SB3 hooked up to the 2113CI with RCA cables now and it sounds really good.

Wondering if the internal DACs on the 2113CI are handling the signals from the SB3 or am I hearing the Boulder Cable Modded SB3?

I have large capacity external HDDs if I need more storage space.

Any thoughts, advice, input, comments, or critiques are welcome.

Thanks in advance!