digital coax vs optical

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Was just wondering what the opinion is on this. I went to a high $, nose in the air HT shop yesterday and was told that coax is better. I think I have read otherwise. They also suggested using ANYTHING but monster cable for a digital coax. Even went as far as suggesting using std RCA cable over monster. He tried to sell me another brand but I cant remember what it was. What do you think?
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  • AaronAaron Posts: 1,853
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    The general consensus is that coax is better than optical.

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    To add to Aarons comment, mainly for durability. You'd be hard pressed to hear a difference. Some can, some cannot..I could not.

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    I've actually used both optical and coax. the PS2 is hooked up with the optical and the DVD player is using coax. i can't tell any difference. It appears the coax is better built... it looks and feels more secure than the optical. In terms of signal quality... i don't notice any difference.. one over the other. Both cost about the same.
    I think that dude was just trying to steer you away from Monster cable. yeah there are other good cables out there..

    Silver core cables seem to be all the rage right now over copper. who really knows.. i know that silver's cost a butt load of $$.

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    quality wise, the differences are minimal. i personally prefer coax, just cause it has held up better for me in the past. the optical cables i've used were very fragile, and all were damaged easily & quickly...
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  • Sean De FreitasSean De Freitas Posts: 52
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    I too was advised to go Co-ax, and searched for what was told was (supposedly) the best cable, by IXOS (a U.K. made lead).

    It works extremely well, and I thought this was the 'bees knees', until I did an A-B comparison without any DSP settings (ie raw signal only) between the DVD player connected with the IXOS co-ax cable (ie full digital) and the same player connected via the 6 channel RCA outs, using standard RCA leads (ie analogue out setting). Frankly if there was a difference, it was subtle, not huge. Having paid over AUD$100 for the IXOS cable however, I would like to believe the difference WAS huge. Oh, well ..........


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