Please Help with replacement Driver.

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I just received my MW6510 driver from Polk for my RTA-11t's. The old one would botom out at moderate levels. I installed the new driver and matched the white and black cables. Now I only get sound from the tweeter. I reinstalled my old driver and everything is great (except the bottoming out problem). What's the deal? Did I get a bad driver and would that cause the problem in the other driver's sound level? Should I try reversing the wires? Thanks, Jeff
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    Even with polarity reversed, you will still get sound from a functional driver.

    Hook the raw driver up to the speaker wire from your amp (free air), AT A VERY LOW LEVEL, and you should hear something....if you don't, call cs and send it back.....

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    Wow, that was fast! Thanks Russ. I will give it a try.
  • warlocks1warlocks1 Posts: 1,187
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    I just tried and I get no sound whatsoever. I will call them tomorrow. I know it won't be a hassle, that's why I love Polk Audio. Again, thanks for the help!
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    Sounds like you just got a lemon.......................a real rarity for Polk, but rest assured they will make it right.

    That is why they are GREAT!!!!

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