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Ok next question. I have a Pair od RTA12C speakers I purchased New in 1986-87. 5 years ago I blew 1 Mid range and 1 tweeter. Purchased replacements from Polk. Tweeter is not a SL2000 but the new replacement. Anyway, new problem is the other SL2000 is cutting out when I start to push the power. The speakers are connected to a Carver 300 Watt per channel Amp. I had both coils for the tweeters checked and recapped thru Polk. Any Ideas as to why the cut out? Thanks again Nacki

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    Thanks, Will do Monday.
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    I'm not saying problem solved but it's a very likely culprit and cheap.
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    One thing to consider is polyswitches degrade over time (they trip easier), and degrade the sound quality. If you're using high quality amplification and don't drive the amp into clipping you'll get better results by replacing the polyswitch with a Mills resistor. Usually the 1/2 ohm 12 watt brings good results though you can also try 0.22 ohm if you like a bit more high end.

    The other suggestion I have is to get a replacement tweeter identical to the one you bought a few years ago (RD-0194 ?). Mismatched drivers not good.
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