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New to the board -- looking for some help. Just purchased RT800i (fronts), CS245i (center), and R40 (rears) -- I now need to find a receiver to match. I'm trying to stay below $700, looking for recommendations?? I currently have an ONKYO TX-SV444 Dolby Surround Pro-Logic receiver.
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    lots o choices in that $ range-IMHO u can't go wrong w/any thing by yamaha/denon/onkyo (in that $ range) / poss.marantz or carver-but now we are talking a bit more $- i would also highly suggest looking into the outlaw audio 1050 receiver - it's a little dated now (no dpl2-video switching is a little troublesome-it is a true 6.1 w/gold plated conn.(but u should be hooking up straight from dvd to monitor anyway) don't let the 65wpc fool u! - 499.00 + ship - 30 day trial - don't like! send back (apx 25.00 your cost)-hope this helps-CHEERS! jefff
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    welcome to the forum.

    for under $700, there are many great choices. denon/marantz/onkyo/etc. my suggestion would be to get out there and listen to as many as you can. if you are happy with your onkyo, you could upgrade to the new replacement for the 595. it is the TX-DS600, and looks to be a contender in the $500 price range...
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    I agree, the TX-DS600 is going to be a killer reciever. I have the younger brother, 595, and it's really a great buy...the 600 is even better!
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    I am building a second home theater (I did my first in the living room) in the basement playroom and had a (wife approved)$5k budget. It sound easy but I bought a $3300 TV! I then bought a pair of Rt1000i's for mains, Cs400i Center, and Rt35i's for surrounds.

    It did not leave a lot for a receiver and I got a refurbished Onkyo 595 from ubid for > $290 including shipping. Ubid said it had a 90 day warranty, but when I got it, it had a 1 year from Onkyo. It has "minor cosmetic defects", so minor that I cannot find them.

    I hooked it up this week and it sounds as good as my Pioneer Elite 36 (with Boston speakers) but with less features and sound fields (which I only use a couple of).

    If you want to save $$$ you can try the ubid route, I have seen Onkyo, Pioneer, Sony, Denon, JVC, and Harmon Kardon in the past 5 weeks or so..
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