ripping cds to computer.



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    Don't know if you are joking or serious? If you would have seriously asked a couple of years ago I might have jumped without question. Right now I have not decided if I want to keep all my disc. I will probably keep my favs but will get rid of a lot of the other stuff once ripped. Its a shame most of my discs are in boxes in the basement.
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    bthogan wrote: »
    iTunes for ALAC (playing ipod through cd player DAC is big part of my system). dbpoweramp for FLAC -> ALAC.

    Interesting...since the USB on the Marantz doesn't play flac. Must be some kind of conversion or down sampling happening there. You'd be way better off getting a separate dac imho.
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    DaveHo wrote: »
    Sure they're compressed, but that doesn't mean they can't be lossless.

    There are several different compression options for FLAC files including uncompressed which basically turns the file into a taggable WAV.
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