Banned IP Address Problem?

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Yeah so about a month ago I came on the forums but instead was greeted with a message saying that the ''Administrator'' had banned my IP address and I were to contact the ''Webmaster'', and so I did, twice, spaced weeks apart but neither did I get a reply nor my problem was fixed. This has been happening to me since the last year.

So yeah I decided to randomly check the forums today and poof, it worked. Anyone has any idea what's going on?

P.S My internet stopped working(which literally never happens not even for a minute) for 15 minutes and when it started working I could miraculously browse the forums again. This has never happened to me on any website/forums ever. I have used some proxy sites to browse and to post to the forums to be able to access it.

Help me, I love this place <3
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    There isn't a Webmaster at this time. Best to contact one of the mods, either Ken Swauger or Nap.
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    Okay, thanks for letting me know.
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    Chances are you are on a dynamic ip address with your isp. The blip you had in the internet, maybe you got a different ip address afterwards and can now access the forums. The other ip you had was probably had by someone that was banned (a good reason that ip bans are pretty well pointless).
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    You are correct about the our ISP, I am on a dynamic IP address. Chances are I will be given the other IP address again after some time. It is really sad to find out how much people from this country misuse EVERYTHING. :(
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    I misuse myself like nobody's business.
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    Sometimes an IP address will be banned from a forum and yes, sometimes this affects users who are potential legit members to be. Many times, an IP will be banned because of a known spamming source, maybe red flagged on XBL or CBL and some (even worse) are IP's that have been used to send out toxic spam. These are some of the reasons IP addresses are banned from this and other forums. If anybody ever has a problem joining a forum because of an IP address, just notify the administrator or one or more of the moderators to forward to the administrator.

    Please note that some forums do not allow the use of private IP's. That choice is up to each individual forum.

    The problem with not banning IP addresses comes when a bot or individual joins and within hours, an untold amount of SPAM ends up being posted. I have seen first hand professional spammers use different monikers, multiple email addy's and multiple IP's. If it weren't for spammers, nobody but folks who do not follow the forum rules would be banned from participation.

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    Bud if nothing else if its an IP range thats been banned and is keeping you from the forum, you could always browse with a free IP proxy found via Google.
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    You are correct about the our ISP, I am on a dynamic IP address. Chances are I will be given the other IP address again after some time. It is really sad to find out how much people from this country misuse EVERYTHING. :(

    What Third World Country is misusing everything? It seems as if the whole world is misusing everything.
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