passive radiators for RTA-15TL?

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Howdy all, I have the 15tls, a pair of them, and the man I got them from told me that the original radiators were bad {Rear}, and he replaced them with I believe, regular woofers? So, is that going to be a problem for me? So far, the speakers seem to work well, and I have yet to pull the passives to check both front and rear.......
So, what should one do in this situation? Thanks for anyones help.....Cheers
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  • SoverignSoverign Posts: 11
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    Thanks F1nut....I thought that would be the case. A few folks I have heard take off the magnets on different type woofers, and do something else, to make the new woofer similar to the old style. I wonder why Polk won't, or does not make, an replacement for these really cool speakers?
    Out for now, and thanks again
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    They are a valid design approach and are easily tunable. Some fine speakers and credible designers have used passive radiators.. including Polk, ESS AMT, JBL
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