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Good evening everyone, my name is Taylor and I was blessed to receive a free surround set of Polk audio speakers. It is astonishing to find out my RT1000I were $899.99 around the early 2000's. I need help with my RT1000I's, the person who owned them before me blew out the tweeters because his amplifier was to good for them, so I am in need of SL6506 Tweeters if anyone has extras, or knows where I can acquire them from I would be very much pleased, please let me know.
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    Those tweets are becoming harder to find. Keep looking on here, eBay, and craigslist. Sometimes there are great deals on RT35i, RT55i sets that can be used as replacement/back up drivers. I could use an SL6506 myself.
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    godofwar55 wrote: »
    person who owned them before me blew out the tweeters because his amplifier was to good for them,.

    Hardly my friend, he blew the tweets because he most likely turned the volume dial up too high.
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    tonyb wrote: »
    Hardly my friend, he blew the tweets because he most likely turned the volume dial up too high.

    Corrected: "he blew the tweets because he most likely turned the volume dial up too high on an underpowered amplifier."
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    His amplifier is quite efficent though as it is one of those dc amplifiers from the early 80's its efficent enough to be super loud at even very low settings but i guess he wanted to jam out and ended up blowing the tweets.
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    Seems like no one welcomed you up here so i guess welcome aboard and have fun at the forums
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    as a new person I also wish to welcome you, learning a great deal here.
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    DC amp? Must be Sansui. That still doesn't mean much. Too much power rarely blows drivers.
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    Welcome to the Club!
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    I saw this thread had 1,069 views......why is beyond me.
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    ^ That is why I clicked on it....the amount of views!
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    The OP also has zero posts, as noted by his first and second posts. Yes, you read that right.

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