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dduftyddufty Posts: 3
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Just would like to say that I am extremely happy with my home theater. My new Polk TL350 speakers and the PSW125 subwoofer both sound amazing. Thanks Polk!!!
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  • cc43fancc43fan Posts: 22
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    I use Polk in my HT setup as well as outside on the deck. The build quanity is fantastic.
  • rpf65rpf65 Posts: 2,002
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    No doubt about it, Polk makes excellant products, no matter what others may say.
  • heartystatueheartystatue Posts: 330
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    All my speaks are polk. Some vintage some newer. All sound awesome.....
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  • unclejoes35unclejoes35 Posts: 3
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    I just got a new pair of LSiM703's and they are absolutely amazing.
  • EricFromMichEricFromMich Posts: 38
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    rpf65 wrote: »
    No doubt about it, Polk makes excellant products, no matter what others may say.
    just trying what this does
  • Goldenboy72206Goldenboy72206 Posts: 126
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    i like vintage polk
  • David RDavid R Posts: 135
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    I had been looking for new speakers for some time since my wife would not allow my Crown ESS 212s into our new home. The were big and ugly. The Polks were the first speakers since the Crowns that didn't sound like they came from a box.
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